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ktm, bhaktapur, lalitpur jun area ma vaye pani ghar chaiyo . minimum 3.5anna land vako. budget arro..., Category: House, Location : Jorpati, Kathmandu, Budget : Rs. 5000000 - 7500000     House..., Category: House, Location : Imadol, Lalitpur, Budget : Rs. 500000 - 800000     Bhaisepati area ma jagga tatha ghar chaiyo , 5 dekhi 9 aana ko jagga..., Category: Land, House, Location : Bhainsepati, Lalitpur, Budget : Rs. 7500000 - 25000000     Nayabazar area ma office ko lagi space chaiyo , 4 room..., Category: Office Space, Location : Shorakhutte, Kathmandu, Budget : Rs. 15000 - 40000     Airport, Sinamangal and Tinkune area maa around 1000 to 1400 sq/f ko ghar bhada maa chayo with parki..., Category: Commercial Space, Location : Tinkune, Kathmandu, Budget : Rs. 50000 - 100000     Apartment sell at butwal..., Category: Apartment, Flat, Location : Kapilvastu, Budget : Rs. 500000 - 600000     Home nearby Anamnagar..., Category: House, Location : Kathmandu, Budget : Rs. 20000000 - 30000000     Want to have flat in maitidevi..., Category: Flat, Location : Maitidevi, Kathmandu, Budget : Rs. 10000 - 13000     Maharajgunj, Panipokhari area ma 5-6 aana Land tatha sasto ma House chaiyoe..., Category: Bungalow, Land, House, Location : Pani Pokhari, Kathmandu, Budget : Rs. 10000000 - 20000000     Land at around 500,000/aana in ktm valley...., Category: Land, Location : Lubhu, Lalitpur, Budget : Rs. 450000 - 500000    


Good for Payment Cheque mandatory for property purchase and sale

Property Law    Nov 26 2017, 04:54 am

After the threshold for purchase and sale of real estate property dropped to Rs.10, 00,000, the Land and Revenue Office (Malpot Karyalaya) has started ownership transfer only on the submission of 'Good for Payment' Cheque. The Land and Revenue Offices have started seeking banking evidence of the cash transaction for purchase and sale of properties. Seeing the risk of cheque bounce on deposit of cheque, the offices seek the evidence of Good for Payment Cheque issue. However, prior to the introduction of this rule, no evidence had to be submitted at the Land and Revenue Office for any sum of transaction. Introduction of Good ...

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Price of steel and brick materials in Nepal

Construction Materials    Nov 22 2017, 03:10 am

To give you a rough estimate of price of steel and brick materials in Nepal, the cost of steel (iron rods) was Rs.75 per Kg. by the end of the year 2073, which rose to Rs.77 per Kg. in the beginning of the year 2074. Similarly, the cost of Number 1 Quality Brick was Rs.16/17 per unit, Number 2 Quality Brick was Rs.13/14 per unit, and Number 3 Quality Brick was 9 per unit by the end of the year 2073, which remained same in the beginning of the year 2074.SteelsHama Steel: Hama Steel produces HB wires, Annealed binding wires, nails, Plain rounds (wire rods), TMT Re-bars, 500 Re-bar, ...

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Price of OPC and PPC Cement in Nepal

Construction Materials    Nov 22 2017, 03:02 am

Started since a couple of decades back, cement industry in Nepal is about to make the country self-sufficient. With about 15 companies in this industry till date, it is often said that the price of OPC and PPC cement in Nepal is quite expensive in comparison to other South Asian countries, explaining which, most of the directors of these companies opine that the expensive power and import of clinker are the main reasons. The Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) is one of the most common cement used worldwide that hardens when mixed with water and becomes water resistant. On the other hand, the Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) is a variation ...

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How to take the Construction Completion Certificate in Nepal?

Property Law    Nov 21 2017, 17:19 pm

The Construction Completion Certificate (Ghar Nirman Sampanna Pramanpatra) can be obtained after you submit the three forms issued by the Kathmandu Metropolitan along with the following documents. The Final Inspection from the Municipality Report also has to be submitted while applying for the Nirman Sampanna Kagaj.Required documents Xerox copy of citizenship certificate Xerox copy of Land Ownership Certificate (Jagga Dhani Praman Purja) and Blue Print of the building Receipts of tax, fees, penalties or fines to be submitted for payment to Kathmandu Metropolitan till now Sketch of the building made in specified design and approved by technician Photos of the house from all the four corners as it is ...

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Registration fees for buying and selling properties

Property Law    Nov 22 2017, 02:34 am

The municipal charge for registration fees for buying and selling properties in Nepal varies from one municipality to another municipality, be it urban or rural municipality. If your property is in municipal area and worth below NPR 10,000, you have to pay NPR 400 as registration fee.Similarly, if your property is worth below NPR 25,000 but above NPR 10,000, you are required to pay NPR 1,000. However, if the property is worth more than NPR 25,000, you are required to pay 4.5% of the total worth of the property. However, the fees of registration in Nepal is different if the property is in rural municipality; for the property worth ...

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