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Flat required 2 room kitchen ant toilet bathroom bike parking space . Area : dhumbaharai, chappalkar...     Office...     Tipper...     house below 70 lakh in tandi....     2 to 3 star hotels. within valley or in pokhara ....     forklift hire for urgent...     I am looking 2BHK apartment in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur area....     Required flat with 3 bedroom, 1 living room, 1 bathroom, 1 kitchen...     2BHK OR 3BHK flat first floor if possible with car parking space around location such as Gharipatan,...     3BHK or 4BHK flats with price...    

Buying property in Nepal - Tips and Checklist

Real estate is growing vastly in every part of the Nepal. If someone is planning to invest in land or property then he/she must grab ideas about certain things that must be considered while taking a step toward the real estate.

1. Identify your investment
He/she must be able to identify the purpose of the property so that they could invest on it. It could be the property for commercial purpose or for the personal use. So, the investment must be determined as per the property. One must look after a property that they can afford.

2. Find a location
Location plays an important role in the property buying or selling. The one who are willing to invest in the property must find a suitable location which please them.

3. Services and facilities
Services and facilities must be easily available in the selected location even if it for the commercial or for the personal use. Facilities like roadways, transport, schools, water supply, electricity, hospital services, markets, etc. must be easily available when needed.

4. Neighborhood
Neighborhood also significantly plays major role here. You may find a community with different caste, ethnicity, religion, etc. or even a community with a particular cate, culture and ethinicity. So, one must be able to adapt with the society.

5. Vaastu
Vaastu refers to the combination and the act of 5 element of the earth present in the universe (water, wind, fire, ether, strives). These things tends to change the living styles of every living beings on the earth. And one should follow the rules and start according to the vaastu sastra even if you are constructing a new property.

6. Time period of the property
Time period of a certain property also plays a major event in the field of real estate. Even if a property is of 12*12 pillar or 9*9 pillar system prevailed in our country, it is determined by the age/time period of the property. How much years it had been after its construction must also be determined accordingly.

7. Agent

An agent who is well-informed about the area will help to avoid overpaying for a property. They should find out the experience of agent before going through the process.

8. Documents and paperwork
Only the properties which consists full paperwork and documents must be selected and further process should begin. Sometimes properties with incomplete documents and paperworks may hamper you in the legal process so these things also must be considered.

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real estate agent Nepal

real estate agent Nepal

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