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1bhk 2bhk near bhaktapur, baneswor...     I need room in rent ! please if room is available in your contact than tell me....     1 kitchen 2 bedroom 1 bathroom on 2nd floor...     I want to Know the most expensive house in your list In Kathmandu valley. It has to be 6/8 shutters ...     Looking for potential customers to rent out a Storage space. (Godam)...     1bhk or 2 bhk in Bisalnagar, sanogaucharan, naxal, gairidhara or Baluwtar...     Single room of 4000...     1bhk at around 10k...     2bhk flat with car parking Shankhamul, buddhanagar, tinkune, subidhanagar, koteswor, would be ok...     1BHK Flat near banasthali area...    

Process for constructing residential and commercial buildings

1. A surveyor shall check the actual path/road or the proposed way/path/road/GLD (Guided Land Development)
2. An Engineer shall check the drawing and ensure the fees
3. The proposed drawing/blueprint of house shall undergo computerized check so as to ensure that it follows the building codes and is earthquake resistant in design
4. An Engineer shall re-check the drawing
5. Deposit fees (Rs.25/sq. Feet for residential house; Rs.35/sq. feet for commercial construction)
6. Computer registration of paid fees and drawing re-check
7. Submit the drawing file at respective ward for survey from ward
8. Pasting the survey information from ward office
9. After 15 days of pasting the information, a technical offer from the local survey department shall attest place monitoring
10. Original file to be transferred to City Development Department from head of ward/locality or administrative head
11. Submit and register the file from ward/local office at the city development department of Municipality office
12. A corresponding Engineer having the authority and responsibility shall inspect the file
13. Present the file in front of respective officer for acceptance
14. Field inspection and check shall be carried out after the construction is completed to the Plinth Label (DPC)
15. An Engineer shall inspect the Plinth Label Report which shall be forwarded for acceptance in front of department head officer
16. Register the Municipal Building Permit
17. Obtain the Municipal Building Permit
Documents required for processing Municipal Building Permit:
Documents from Drawing Application Files, such as:
- A Xerox copy of citizenship certificate
- Survey Map
- Land Revenue paid receipts of the land
- Document with clarifying all four-boundaries of the land
Terms and conditions for obtaining Municipal Building Permit for residential house
- The road should be of at least 6 meter width, and the minimum set-back should be away from the road by 1.5 meter
- No boundary wall should be construction without leaving space for setback. The maximum height of the wall shouldn’t cross 4 feet or 3 extra feet netted boundaries above the wall.
- Municipal Building Permit should also be obtained for wall and safety tank
- No porch, top, balcony, etc. should be constructed within the space of setback Within the home construction area, one cannot put such top, porch, balcony, etc. of more than 1 meter length
- No baking and insurance transaction until you obtain Construction Completion Certificate
- Construction isn’t permitted in the area restricted by Department of Mines and Geology and District Disaster Relief Committee
- 20% of the total area of the land should be left vacant if the area of the land is less than 250m2, or 40% in case of area over 250m2
- The codes of Civil Aviation Authority should be complied if the construction is near the runway of airport. Permission from the Civil Aviation Authority is must if you are building a house which is within 500 meter from the outer boundary of the runway, and if the house is more than 17 meter in height


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real estate agent Nepal



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