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Cheap Home Loan settlement in just 3 days: 8.97% interest, for up to 35 years!
Cheap Home Loan settlement in just 3 days: 8.97% interest, for up to 35 years!
About 15 commercial banks have dropped down their interest rate to attract residential loan burrowers; some of these banks have reduced the interest by 3.5% in comparison to last month!

Interest rates of commercial banks (As on 2074 Kartik)
1 Century Bank 11.62-18.62 ↑ 10-20
2 Prabhu Bank 10-12 ↓ Max. 25 years
3 NMB Bank 10.50-18.21 ↓ Max. 25 years
4 Standard Chartered Bank 8.97-12.47 ↓ Max. 18 years
5 NIC Asia Bank 10.78-15.78 ↓ 5-25
6 Global IME Bank 11.54-14.54 ↑ Max. 10 years
7 Nabil Bank 10.19-13.19 ↓ Max. 15 years
8 Machhapuchhre Bank 10.48-16.48 ↓ >10 years
9 Himalayan Bank 9.45-16.45 ↓ 3 to 20
10 Everest Bank 9.41-15.16 ↑ Max. 15 years
11 Bank of Kathmandu Lumbini 11.68-16.68 ↑ 5-20
12 Civil Bank 11.55-16.55 ↑ 5-25
13 NCC Bank 11.36-17.36 ↓ 5-25
14 Laxmi Bank 11.83-15.83 ↑ 5-25
15 Mega Bank 10.72-19.22 ↑ 5-15
16 Siddhartha Bank 10.38-15.38 __ Max. 20 years
17 Sanima Bank 10.09-16.09 ↓ Max. 15 years
18 Janata Bank 11.63-15.63 ↓ 5-20
19 Nepal Bank 10.09-15.66 __ 5-15
20 Sunrise Bank 10.82-16.82 ↓ 5-20
21 Kumari Bank 11.15-19.15 ↓ Max. 15 years
22 NB Bank 11.59-17.59 ↓ Max. 25 years
23 Rastriya Banijya Bank 8.98-10.98 ↓ 5-15
24 Citizens Bank 11.05-17.80 ↑ 5-25
25 Nepal Investment Bank 9.66-14.91 ↓ Max. 15 years
26 Nepal SBI Bank 11.57-15.32 ↑ Max. 15 years
27 Agricultural Development Bank 12.97-17.97 ↑ 5-15 years
28 Prime Bank 12.95-15.95 ↑ Max. 5-20 years

Home loan from NIC Asia with 2 years fixed loan
The Home Loan offer brought by NIC Asia before Dashain still exists. The bank has introduced the offer where a borrower has to pay 0.90% monthly interest (10.80% annually) for a loan up to 25 years; the rate can even go down as per your loan term. Though the scheme lasts for limited time, the bank claims that the interest rate won’t go up more than 12%. You won’t have to bear the service cost for down payment, processing, security valuation, insurance, loan information etc. and the loan shall be settled in just 3 days. You can get up to 50% loan of the valuation for the purchase of house and land, and up to 40% loan for constructing houses.
Pay the loan in 35 years
NMB Bank has introduced a home loan with longest term in Nepal; you can clear the loan in up to 35 years. Since a borrower has to pay less amount of monthly installment, it has reduced financial burden of the borrower. The loan package comes with less monthly installment, reasonable interest rate, and long tenure of home loan of 35 years at an interest of 10.5%. Borrower above 25 but less than 36 years willing to buy or construct new house, repair or furnish current house can take this loan.

Everest Bank: get loan at 10% interest; settlement in a week
The loan offer brought by the Everest bank during Dashain and Tihar at the rate of 9.93 (with 2.5% additional at the base rate) with 0.25% off in the service charge is still active. Since the base rate has hiked, the interest rate in this scheme has reached to 10.16%. If the new interest rate under the new scheme is added to the base rate, the interest reaches 10.16%. This interest rate shall exist for a term of 5 years. The bank charges additional 0.25% interest rate for every 5 years after the first 5 years of the loan term, with maximum 15 years. Which means, the interest rate for a loan of 10 years is 10.41% and 10.66% for 15 years. It charges 0.75% as service fee, and shall settle the loan in a week after the submission of required documents and processing.
Home loan at 8.97%
Standard Chartered Bank provides home loan at the interest rate of 8.97% to 12.47% up to 3 crore. Depending upon the tenure of loan, the back adds 2.50% to 6% interest rate on the base rate, which is, probably, the lowest rate in comparison to other banks. However, the home loan is provided for not more than 18 years.

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The demand of marble, ceramic tile, and granite is increasing in very fast pace. With the increase in purchasing power of people, and increase in the number of house construction, these materials are ...

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